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POLYSAN SERA LIGHT íves öntöttmárvány zuhanytálca, 90x90x3cm (11231)

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár ÁFÁ-val
89 000 Ft /db
Megtakarítás 0,0 %
Az Ön ára ÁFA nélkül 70 079 Ft /db
Az Ön ára ÁFA-val 89 000 Ft /db
ÁFA 27%

Rendelési kód11231
Garancia24 hónap
Súly34,93 kg
Szélesség900 mm
Magasság30 mm
Csomag1 db
SzerelésElőlap opció
Lefolyó Átmérő90 mm
Méret90x90x3 cm
Hossz.900 mm
Jótállás2 év

You will appreciate the lightweight version of SERA LIGHT with a smooth bottom and a height of only 3 cm not only in the case of immersion in the ground, but also in other installation methods, where the reduced height of the tray has a more aesthetic effect. In addition, this advantage is associated with a lower selling price.

  • Height: 3 cm
  • Tray load capacity: 150 kg
  • Depending on the type of installation, height-adjustable legs can be purchased
  • Surcharge for color design according to the RAL gloss swatch: 30% (Color design RAL mat is not possible.)

We provide a 2-year warranty on the POLYSAN shower tray made of cast marble. The condition of the warranty is correct installation according to the instructions.

KLASIK shower trays made of cast marble

MICADOR cast marble is a timeless material with a long service life and high durability. Shower trays made of this material are characterized by a perfectly smooth and flat surface with easy maintenance. Their main advantage is high strength and stability together with zero deflection. The sharp outer edges of the bathtubs meet the requirements for the appearance of a modern bathroom and at the same time allow for a seamless addition to the wall.
Shower trays can be installed barrier-free in the floor or placed on legs and classically walled or fitted with a cladding panel. The diameter of the tray waste is 90 mm. The standard color of the trays is white.